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Chain hoist

DC-Com chain hoist

The benefits at a glance:

Good value for money

  • NEW Even better value thanks to twice the service life
  • NEW Even better value thanks to 50% higher duty factor
  • Fast availability
  • Preferred models available direct ex stock

Reliable performance

  • Various sizes with load capacities up to 2,000 kg
  • Standard 4-m hook path
  • 24 V contactor control
  • Elapsed operating time counter
  • Two lifting speeds
  • High duty factor of 60% (40%/20%) for all load capacities
  • Reliable operation from -20 °C to +45 °C without any reduction in the duty factor

High safety and reliability

  • Slipping clutch with automatic cut-out by means of speed monitoring
  • No load dropping, since the brake is arranged in front of the slipping clutch in the load-bearing arrangement
  • High-quality powder-coated surfaces ?for improved protection and a longer service life
  • IP 55 enclosure for chain hoist and trolley

Simple commissioning and operation

  • Fast and simple commissioning ?thanks to plug connections
  • The length of the control cable can be adjusted without the need for any wiring – the control pendant is always in the right working position
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Fatigue-free operation thanks to the ergonomically optimised DSC and DSE 10-C control pendants for electric-travel trolleys
  • Single-fall design for simple load handling (for units up to 1,000 kg)

Trolleys and electric drives

  • Push or electric travel in three sizes
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Infinitely variable flange width adjustment with adjusting rings
  • Can be used on parallel and sloping flanges
  • Integrated drop stop
  • Smooth travel and low travel resistance
  • Smooth starting and acceleration

Very easy to service

  • Diagnosis interface
  • Low maintenance requirement

DC-Pro chain hoist

The benefits at a glance:

High-performance equipment

  • "All inclusive" features already as standard
  • Two lifting speeds as standard
  • 24 V contactor control
  • Operating limit switches (upper/lower)
  • Elapsed operating time counter
  • Aluminium housing components with powder coating
  • Duty factor: 60% (40/20), 360 starts/hour
  • Signals for applications with three motion axes
  • Suitable for tandem operation
  • Comprehensive selection of finely graded load capacities up to 5,000 kg
  • Two suspension brackets for improved C dimension (for sizes DC 1–10)

Long service life

  • Gearbox, brake and slipping clutch are maintenance-free for up to 10 years (DC-Pro 10–25 brake for up to 5 years)
  • Low-wear brake thanks to regenerative braking
  • Brake adjustment is not necessary
  • No load dropping thanks to slipping clutch arranged in front of the brake in the load-bearing arrangement
  • Reduced chain wear thanks to 1/1 reeving for loads up to 1,000 kg
  • Robust cylindrical-rotor motor with fan and separate DC brake
  • No brake bonding thanks to double encapsulated brake

High operating reliability

  • Standard requirements satisfied for functional safety
  • No continuous slipping thanks to slipping clutch with automatic cut-out
  • 24 V contactor control with internal “tri-state” signal transfer
  • Chain hoist and travel drive feature IP 55 enclosure, insulation class F
  • Automatic braking if the control system fails

Optimum egonomics

  • Height-adjustable DSC/DSC-S control pendants with low-fatigue actuation force
  • Control cable length and control pendant position can be adjusted to meet specific needs on site
  • (without any need for wiring)
  • Pivoting suspension bracket enables the chain hoist to be attached when the trolley has been fitted


  • "Plug & Lift" and "Plug & Drive" for all electrical connections
  • Elapsed operating time counter, status and error messages shown on display
  • Infrared diagnostic interface with IDAPSY software (to read out and manage specific data)
  • Service cover for rapid access to plug connections, strain relief arrangements, collector for 3 m control cable and chain drive
  • Chain lubrication through lubrication opening in the chain guide for improved lubrication between links (sizes DC 1–10)
  • Reduced downtimes as chain drive can be replaced without dismantling motor or gearbox parts

DCM-Pro Manulift

The benefits at a glance:

Versatile performance

  • Two hoist speeds as standard
  • Versatile adaptability to any task
  • Simple exchange of the load handling device thanks to quick-change coupling
  • For right-hand and left-hand operation

High operating quality

  • Convenient single-handed handling and guidance of loads weighing up to 250 kg
  • Quick-change coupling for a variety of load handling attachments (load hooks, pantograph tongs, clamping and shaft grippers, parallel gripper systems, specifically developed load handling attachments)
  • Service-friendly thanks to diagnostics interface

High safety and reliability

  • 24 V contactor control
  • FEM classification from 1Am to 4m
  • Slipping clutch with speed monitoring
  • No brake adjustment
  • No load dropping thanks to slipping clutch arranged in front of the brake
  • Operating limit switches

Long service life

  • Gearbox, brake and slipping clutch maintenance-free for up to 10 years
  • Aluminium motor, gearbox and electrical cover parts provided with UV-resistant powder coating
  • Robust cylindrical-rotor motor with fan and separate DC brake beneath the electrical cover

DCMS-Pro Manulift

The benefits at a glance:

Maximum ease of operation

  • Infinitely variable speed control for lifting and lowering motions over the entire load range
  • Exceptionally fine control at slow speed
  • Smooth starting and exact positioning
  • Creep lifting speed from 0.15 m/min
  • Lifting speed, acceleration and braking ramp can be simply modified via the control unit
  • Suitable for right-hand and left-hand operation

Versatile performance

  • The various Manulift load handling attachments can be changed with ease
  • Pro-Hub function for up to 90 per cent higher nominal speed for partial load or no-load operations
  • Automatic switchover to creep lifting speed before the upper/lower limit positions are reached – speed ratio 1:100

High safety and reliability

  • Motor temperature monitoring device
  • Acceleration and braking ramps to reduce load sway