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“DGT” series wheel group

System benefits:

  • The drive wheels ? 125,  ? 160, ? 200, ? 250, ? 315 are carbon steel moulded, the ? 400, ? 400 R wheels are iron casting.
  • Wheels revolving on radial ball bearings permanent lubricated, the wheel ? 400 R, increased capacity, is supplied with radial roller bearings.
  • They are available in either idler operation or as drive units in combination with an Offset geared motor. 
  • Wheels are available in a standard version with a double flange, and can be supplied, on request, in various driving band widths in relation to the type of
     the runways' rail they are intended to run on. 
  • Whether in idle or drive operation, the wheels are supported and contained within and electro-welded plated frame which acts as a support box for the entire group, and as an joining element between the operating end carriage frame or trolley with which the wheel group is to be assembled. 

“DGP” series offset geared motors

System benefits:

  • The reducers are designed as an “Offset geared motor type” with a concave shaft, featuring parallel axes with two or three stages of reduction, and  in a permanent oil-bath lubrication.
  • Engineered with cylindrical high resistance steel gears, featuring spiral toothing, thermically treated, entirely supported on ball bearings. 
  • The electric motors are asynchronous, featuring a progressive start-up, with a standard ventilation, self-braking with axial shifting of the rotor guaranteeing a fast, reliable mechanical braking.
  • Electrical power 400 V - 50 Hz.
  • Protection  of electrical parts: 
    • IP55 Motor
    • IP23 Brake
    • Class “F” insulation Motor
    • IP65 Limit switch; max insulation voltage 500 V