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System benefits:

Steel frame work in tubular construction:
The end carriage's structure, in a tubular construction, comprises two parts built in special sectioned steel, joined together by a continuous seam welding process. The special construction design also allows the passage of electrical cables, and the closed body design avoids problems due to rusting and internal corrosion thereby reducing costly maintenance to the end carriage's frame. The bridge crane beams are securely assembled to the end carriages' structures by a system of high resistance traction bolts adopting a stress bearing pin system. 

“DGT” series wheel groups 

“DGP” series offset geared motors 

The connection plate (single beam) or plates (double beam) fix the endcarriage to the crane's beam or beams: 
Built in steel plates in different sizes, they're welded to the bridge crane beams, whether tubular or HE plated sectioned, laterally joined or fixed to the travelling beam structures.